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EDI and SAP system integration

Maximise your benefits by connecting
two fundamental systems in automotive

When EDI and SAP system form a perfect pair…

Lose your worries over changes to your SAP system configuration and requirements placed on you regarding JIT and JIS modes. With a supplier who’s specialised in integrating automotive industry systems, you don’t need to be an expert in SAP solution, nor in EDI.

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Put an end to complications caused by different suppliers for SAP system and EDI
With a correctly configured combination of SAP and EDI systems from a single provider, you can easily connect manufacturing with logistics and get reports from shipping, production planning and purchasing.
We can tailor both systems to your processes and ensure your work becomes easier, not harder. Thanks to our specialisation in automotive standards you’ll be prepared for JIT and JIS requirements.
We adjust transactions to meet OEM/Tier1 partner requirements. Automatically processed data formats using EDI and a correct SAP system configuration help you to evaluate your data and accompany your shipping with the data you need.

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Our solutions’ benefits will win you over

Two fundamental systems, one supplier with a wealth of experience from projects for automotive companies

Any SAP system version, cloud or on-premise

We take care of deployment without any restrictions, no matter whether you’re using SAP ECC or any of the versions of SAP S/4HANA.

An automotive solution package for SAP system with EDI

We’ve interconnected everything you value the most in automotive. Like EDI as a Service, automotive packages, automotive SD expert reports, and IDoc Monitor for watching over IDoc messages.

Advanced validation and monitoring

Put an end to claims and fines for errors in ASNs. We discover any problems in time and know how to stop them.

“Customers appreciate our reliable team of specialists in the integration of EDI and SAP solutions under one roof. We bring a full implementation of EDI communication into SAP system with an eye to the needs of automotive.”

Petra Brychcínová

Petra Brychcínová B2B Projects Manager

Petra Brychcínová

Outpace your competition and make smart use of your data.

One supplier, less overhead and far more room for development. Lift your business to the next level and use digitalisation’s potential to the fullest.


Migration to SAP S/4HANA

We prepare you for the moveto the new S/4HANA SAP generation and the new EWM process module.

Aimtec Integration Platform

Do you want 100% coverage for B2B communication?

Aimtec Integration Platform takes the hassle out of EDI setup and management, business partner onboarding, and system integration.

E-book: Migrating to SAP S/4HANA

Discover your supply chain’s potential thanks to EDI integration

Calculate your price for Cloud EDI

Curious on the cost of cloud EDI for your company? Based on real-world experience from our EDI customers, we’ll prepare a price estimate for you after you fill in some basic data.

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