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Management System

Monitor, manage and optimise
all your warehouse operations

A realistic digital image of your logistics

A WMS manages processes performed by both people and automated operations. Through automated identification of handling units using barcodes, RFID chips or motion sensors, it creates a faithful digital image of your logistics. 
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Shed your worries regarding infrastructure and operations. Just log in and use the system. Quickly, easily, and without a care. 
You’ll have every event in your warehouse and workshop on file. So you’ll have the latest information on your materials – their quantities, locations, and movements. See them from receipt, to put-away and dispensing into production, all the way to shipping. 
Manage people and equipment without losses by ensuring all your warehouse handling is free of errors, long searches and unneeded actions and downtimes. 
Control all your automation equipment and its surrounding manual processes from one place. 
Get unambiguous forward and backward traceability with precision down to the individual unit, box, carrier and batch. 

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Benefits of deploying a WMS with us

It’s a configurable system for controlling logistics processes in warehouses and production, from receipt on out to shipping. It covers special aspects of automotive such as ASN messages, VDA labels, Kanban and replenishment. 

A clear view of every worker and their performance

A view of individual output levels, checking of rules compliance and identification of misconfigured processes. 

Controlling advanced logistics equipment

Communication with both simple technologies and advanced equipment such as VNA, ASRS, AutoStore, AGVs and AMR using an intelligent interface. 

Optimisation and visualisation

Proposals for changes to how materials are stored based on ABC and XYZ analyses. Recommendations of the optimum path through the warehouse for warehouse workers. 

Task management and escalations

Allocation of tasks among people and machines; work queue management. Notifications and escalations for non-standard situations. 

Kanban, replenishment and Just in Time

Management of processes for continuous replenishment of production, from the supplier out to the production line. 

Yard Management

Online communication with shippers, ordering of shipments, planning and management for loading and unloading. 


One logistics system for multiple companies with different supplier concepts based on automotive standards. 


Configuration of processes to precisely fit your current needs. This solution is based on 1,600 predefined process templates.  

“A WMS is an essential foundation. You’ll be more effective when you integrate logistics with manufacturing, quality and automation. Synchronise processes, people and technologies and interconnect the materials flow from receipt out to shipping.“ 

Vít Glasl

Vít Glasl Sales Manager

Vít Glasl

Interconnect logistics processes with other systems

When a WMS is isolated, its possibilities are inhibited. Your WMS can only reach its full potential if it’s linked with the information and control systems around it. We can integrate your WMS with other firms’ solutions or provide a complete package. 


WMS within SAP system

A solution that makes use of your existing SAP system and its infrastructure and data. 

Supplement your WMS solution with Zebra devices

Supplement your WMS solution with Zebra devices

Zebra offers a broad portfolio of products and services for automatic identification. We’ll help you to choose the best technologies. 

Case study

A warehouse logic transformation increased capacity and handling enormously

Storage positions and handling were increased, and warehouse throughput went up 40%. Read our case study on successful warehouse automation. 

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