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Continental: Rock-solid warehouse logistics

Continental AG

Continental has a long tradition in automotive, and it supplies a wide range of components for major global brands. Their Czech plant in Brandýs nad Labem supplies interior electronics – car radios, multimedia systems, dashboard instruments, touch displays for centre consoles, air conditioning control panels, eCall systems and electronic control units. Since 2017, their new warehousing hall has let them concentrate all of their logistics processes into one place. Its operations are fully paperless – operators see all information on their tablet or scanner. Its Warehouse Management System (WMS) handles the receipt and storage of up to 1,500 materials shipments daily. It was put in place due to the need to cover processes that the corporate SAP ERP template did not contain, while also fully respecting the corporation’s rules and demands. The main advantage of this solution is flexibility and thus swifter responses to customer requirements. The new WMS is not just a stock management tool; it also serves for integrating multiple technologies and automating warehouse processes.

“DCIx has enabled us to work more efficiently — we can respond more flexibly to changing requirements, our operators can work more quickly, and we have clearer processes; we’ve even eliminated some interim operations in release to manufacturing.

Aimtec helped us to design a solution that’s integrated with our SAP ERP system and yet gives us the flexibility we need for our specific processes. They customised the system for us and delivered the entire project within the required deadline and budget, thus confirming their status as a professional partner.” 

Miloš Havlíček, Processes and Tools Manager at Continental


  • Continental satisfies changing customer conditions more swiftly.
  • Their warehouse operators work more quickly.
  • They need less labour in manufacturing.
  • Their materials stocks are leaner.
  • They make smarter use of their handling equipment.
  • Their processes are clearer, and mistakes stand out better.
  • Their stocktaking has been simplified.



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