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29. 4. 2020

Aimtec is expanding digital delivery so that companies can digitalise faster and leave the crisis with more efficient processes

The consulting and technology company Aimtec provides its solutions without a need for customers to meet up with suppliers. Through this step, it is enabling the deployment of new software solutions – and thus more efficient manufacturing and internal logistics – even in today’s difficult situation. Digitalisation and automation, Aimtec’s areas of focus, can significantly aid companies in restarting production and in similar situations such as the one currently arising in connection with the global pandemic.

“Already in the past, we have always utilised digital delivery wherever possible. Despite this, our consultants and developers travelled very often, primarily during analysis, integration tests and launches of systems into live operation, to provide support directly on-site. At the moment this is not possible, and so we’ve worked out a process for delivering projects fully remotely,” explains Aimtec’s Supply Chain Solutions Director Rostislav Schwob. Companies can thus deploy solutions for production management and planning, warehouse management, quality control, and other areas of manufacturing and logistics easily via e.g. digital documentation and cloud testing environments; Aimtec consultants are available via video conferencing.

Even remote delivery can provide tailor-made solutions with the normal level of support

“The customer-side team and its active involvement are more important for successful deployment of solutions than ever before,” notes Aimtec’s Senior Business Consultant Petr Eret, adding: “Our acclaimed added value lies in precisely tailoring systems to customer processes. During our initial analysis, we always toured the customer’s operations so as to properly understand them in full. However, a real-time video-tour is able to fully replace this phase, and the customer is thus not even limited by today’s restrictions on travel.”

The subsequent project phases – system configuration and prototyping – are unaffected by the shift to fully remote delivery. Customers will continue to have the option of utilising training videos and cloud-based testing of applications. The Aimtec team will also be available for queries, follow-up training and other steps. Thus the largest change will be in a system’s actual launch, where in most cases, consultants tended to be right there on-site. “We have detailed workflows prepared for remote delivery, and we guide our customers through the whole process so as to ensure successful configuration and launch of all of the systems and hardware. From past experience we know it’s possible, and we are confident that through this step, we can enable the implementation of new software solutions that can help our customers to make their processes more efficient,” says Eret.

Remote delivery from Aimtec

Remote delivery is a set of approaches and measures enabling the deployment of Aimtec’s system solutions without the need for its consultants to be on-site at the customer. This primarily means training videos, testing environments in the cloud and training via video conferences. Through remote delivery, Aimtec is primarily responding to the restrictions in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, in order to help companies deploy new software solutions and increase the efficiency of their processes for manufacturing and logistics. This service is a part of Digital Delivery, one of the company’s pillars, focused on project management and its automation and digitalisation.

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