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Digitalisation and system automation go hand in hand with the generation and subsequent processing of ever-larger amounts of data. For your data management processes, use a tool that’s tailor-made for manufacturers, based on practical experience acquired during dozens of digitalisation projects.

Aimtec Data Intelligence


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Where will this system help you?



With Aimtec Data Intelligence, you can effectively support the data management process – this solution can handle an enormous amount of system-generated data and take care of its managed transfer into other information systems and onward to the designated users.


For manufacturing to run smoothly, data quality is absolutely fundamental – data needs to be reliable and precise. Whenever it contains flaws or errors of any kind, it is essential that these be corrected. Let Aimtec Data Intelligence monitor your manufacturing data to ensure your manufacturing operations can run interrupted for a period of your choice (a week, a month or a year).


Maintain control over the accuracy and availability of master data. In addition, advanced reporting combines the output of multiple systems to easily identify variances and prevent errors in, for example, production planning. 

Why Aimtec Data Intelligence?

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A system that’s tailor-made for manufacturers

You’ll benefit from our 27 years of experience in digital transformation of manufacturing companies.

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A unified data structure

Gain a foundation for good managerial decision-making thanks to standardised data organised into a unified structure.

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Rapid deployment

Because it’s flexible and lean, you can start using this solution in just weeks after analysing and defining your needs.

Frequently asked questions

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How does the system work with master data?
This solution runs a series of ongoing checks of master data, from a simple search for extreme or threshold values, to cross-checking, all the way to comprehensive verification of outputs based on our experience with manufacturing standards. The output is a notification of any missing or erroneous values, which you can then easily correct.
The quality of a system’s output is directly proportionate to the quality of its input data. With our solution, you’ll be preparing the data destined for further processing and eliminating deviations that would otherwise introduce errors into your work.
To ensure that your master data is always rising in quality, we recommend checking it continuously. With our solution, you’ll be providing continual monitoring and a foundation for systematic data cleansing.

“We know that data quality is a topic that troubles practically everyone who takes digitalisation seriously. That’s why we’ve tapped into our experience to design a lean solution for supporting management of this area. You can deploy it quickly – thus taking your first step towards precise and unified data.

Vlastimil Juračka

Vlastimil Juračka APS Development Manager

Vlastimil Juračka


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Other special features of the system

System respecting best practices
Its data quality checks are preconfigured based on our customers’ most frequent requests.
A cloud platform
Aimtec Data Intelligence operates as a layer between systems and their surroundings – both at the level of internal systems and on neighbouring portals and web services.
Diverse data governance tools
This system offers both basic and advanced processes for data management, cleansing and integration.
Business functionality
It plans, analyses and performs advanced calculations on the data from your ERP, such as corrections to the MRP calculation.
The data cleansing process
Aimtec Data Intelligence guides the user through the continuous process of data cleansing and rectification, based on a unique cleansing process and reports that show any errors found in manufacturing data.

Case study

Digitalising the planning of one of the toughest manufacturing processes

Magna manufactures plastic components for passenger automobiles. This company has some of the toughest and most complex manufacturing processes in the industry. And Asprova APS provides efficient planning at Magna.

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