Aimtec Integration Platform

Everything you need for comprehensive connection of the B2B world and your internal systems. Get a swift and flexible solution for integrating all your processes and make the most of your data.

Aimtec Integration Platform

How can Aimtec Integration Platform help you?

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Focus on your digitalisation strategy and leave EDI administration to us

Leave the burden of EDI to the experts and get a complete solution for the administration and operation of your EDI system, including mapping, integrations and communication with your partners. This product also includes message validation and monitoring, and all of it is backed up by proactive support. If you need someone to manage an EDI project, take care of supplier onboarding or address problems such as call-off fluctuation, we’re here to help. 

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Enhance the digitalisation of your supply chain

With our supplier portal, you can easily integrate your suppliers while also giving them a comprehensive and user-friendly solution. Thanks to the use of data exchange over EDI, you can respond flexibly and optimise your logistics, procurement and planning. With its multilingual interface, WebEDI can also be deployed globally. It also supports label printing based on your own specifications, speeding up the materials receipt process. 

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Integrated Platform

A quick solution for meeting customer requirements

Reduce error rates and save time with the customer portal, which provides a swift and effective solution for processing customer call-offs. It also enables you to print customer labels and transport documents, easing the marking and administration connected with the transport of goods. The platform additionally supports the sending of ASNs. 


Integrated Platform

Enjoy the benefits of business process automation

We’ll help you to transfer data smoothly and safely between your systems, both internal and external. We’ll guide you through the entire process – from your initial request right to the moment when data begins flowing flawlessly between systems.

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Why choose Aimtec Integration Platform?

Proactive support and monitoring

Proactive support and monitoring

The platform’s proactive error and incident reporting ensures that if we receive erroneous data from your information system or there is an incident of any kind, our specialists will quickly perform an analysis and proactively contact you with information on the repairs or other steps needed. 

Possibility for integration into every system

Possibility for integration into any system

Integrate with any information system and ensure error-free transmission of messages, internally or in the B2B world. Let us guide you through the entire integration process – from your original request right up to the moment when data starts flowing smoothly between systems.

Automated message validation that’s tailored to your needs

Automated message validation that’s tailored to your needs

Minimise risks with automatic message validation. Our three-phase verification includes verification of message structure based on established standards and validation of contents based on partner specifications and custom (customer-specific) requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this a good solution for every ERP system?

Yes. No matter whether you’re using SAP, Helios or something else, fully digitalised supply chains and integration of your internal systems are truly achievable. 

Let yourself be guided through integration by professionals with over 25 years of experience in this field. We’ll work with you to create a useful and sustainable solution, and you’ll gain time for your other tasks. 

Eliminate ASN transmission errors and avoid the costs of logistics claims. Our expertise with implementation of the ASN process and subsequent message validation ensure you’ll avoid defect charges and any reduction to your customer rating. 

The requirements for B2G communication differ from country to country. Thanks to a partnership with Sovos, we’re prepared to meet these requirements. No matter whether you’re using SAP or another ERP.

„From the original B2B communication with your customers to major contracting projects to system integration, we’re here for you. Our knowledge of OEMs and Tier 1 concepts, independence from ERPs, technical and consulting flexibility and 25+ years of professional experience are just a few of our unique advantages

Karel Sladký

Karel Sladký Integration Solutions Director

Karel Sladký

Other Aimtec Integration Platform specifics

Support for every communication channel – OFTP/2, AS2, VAN, ENX, API, SFTP, ENX… As well as MFT, ADAC API and more. 
99.9% availability; a certified data centre in Germany. 
Data extraction

Automated conversion of PDFs (such as orders and invoices) into a structured format with the use of AI. 

Call-off analysis

A tool for discovering fluctuations in your customers’ call-offs. 

A connection into B2G. Integration with government portals in Poland, Italy, Serbia and other countries that have a requirement to register invoices in taxation systems. 
Error notifications

Automatic sending of an error report after message validation. You receive error information almost in real time. 

A scalable solution that doesn’t need to be tested in production – it can be tested on a testing system instead. 

We’ll take care of communication within the Peppol network. 


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Case study

Coverage of B2B communicationfrom A to Z

A company with roughly 1,000 employees struggled for a long time with fine-tuning EDI communication with new suppliers and the slowness of adopting new message formats in EDI. 

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