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We are pushing digital boundaries

#AimtecLab is a source of ideas for our digital future. It joins innovation projects together and enables interesting ideas to really shine. We support creativity both inside and outside the company.

Most of the new ideas in the digital age that have revolutionised our world were born as the idea of one or two people in a garage or a university dorm room. #AimtecLab aims to seek out these fresh ideas, support them and above all help to see them implemented.

Now employing: new ideas

An innovation playground

Every month we organise an informal meeting where we try to kindle the fires of new ideas.


We then verify our bold new ideas or thoughts during a multi-day meeting of experts and students that we organise each year.


And if the hackathon also confirms that the idea makes sense, #AimtecLab makes it possible to guide it all on to the phase of a working prototype, which we then implement for customers.

#AimtecLab is primarily focused on technologies for the Digital Factory. We are certain that these new technologies will revolutionise both how we acquire data and how well we can use it, display it for users and manage processes on its basis.

3 key areas

3D modeling and navigation 

We teach machines to see – to perceive their surroundings and items laid on the ground. We create algorithms for correct spatial navigation when a number of factors given in advance must be taken into account alongside a changing environment.

Mining data from digital images

Our goal is to prepare affordable solutions for you that can both handle predefined tasks and flexibly respond to new situations as they arise. No matter whether that means reading a barcode, acquiring text information or supplementing a 3D model with a new obstacle.

Integrating facilities and information systems

The Digital Factory brings many new data types and sources that you need to process effectively while also taking them into account in management. Our high-quality, stable API connecting the worlds of HW and SW is a pulsing artery for the entire Digital Factory.



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