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Axway API Management Plus

Innovate more quickly and safely with APIs.

Axway API Management Plus includes API life cycle management, secure integration, supervision and analysis. It accelerates your tempo of innovation and strengthens bonds within your ecosystem.

What Axway API Management Plus can do

Secure access

We take the data locked into your company network’s information systems and open it up for both your developers and third-party developers. We provide support for every phase of your API life cycle, from design to decommissioning.

Equipment from us

Equipment from us
Connectors and adapters for ordinary databases and SaaS systems are included within our products.

Developer Portal

A place that helps you to make easy use of prepared APIs. Your developers can run API tests and searches here. This is also where they’ll find the documentation for individual APIs.

Features and functions

  • API life cycle management
    A graphical API Builder for API development and orchestration, graphical API policy management, an API catalogue, and more.

  • Secure integration services
    Connectors and adapters, a Visual Mapper for data transformation, micro-service support, connection to Identity Management.

  • Analysis and supervision
    Supervision of running APIs in real time; metrics for API authors; integration with Axway Decision Insight for predictive analysis.

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