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We work for the whole world

Our business is built on people – the people who have been recommending useful solutions to our customers for 20 years. We are ourselves constantly developing, so that we can be successful in projects running around the world.

The work we do each day makes sense. We’re proud of our results, but at the same time we take care to ensure we have fun on the way to our goals. We all are aware of our personal responsibility – towards ourselves, our team, our company and our customers.

How things work at Aimtec

There are 180 of us, but we work in micro-teams, because a flat organizational structure guarantees quick decisions. Don’t worry. You won’t find a corporate atmosphere. Our Aimtec company culture will hug you and won’t let go. That’s one reason why we’re so glad to meet each other, at work and at play.

We help companies work effectively

We improve their production and logistics performance via integrated solutions. We combine advanced industrial know-how with our very own modular software. Come join us in making applications for managing warehouses or supplies, electronic communication, and planned production. We’re among the best in this area.

Our solutions earn and save millions for hundreds of firms. And they save work for thousands of people.

Join us in the role of:

Here´s how we work

We know how to manage projects

We give the customer precisely what they want!

We divide overall project delivery into individual processes, for which we create a detailed project plan. That way, we can visualize a project’s status at any moment. One key user on the customer side is responsible for each individual process and defines and accepts it, while on our side, a consultant is the guarantor for the delivery. At every phase of a project, i.e. during definition and prototyping and also the integration test, we constantly mutually confirm all processes. So our customers never encounter a situation where after they define their needs at the beginning, the consulting firm takes them as a straitjacket and cannot adjust them flexibly.

We know how to manage development  

We use agile methods for software development and delivery. We deliver on time and at high quality thanks to SCRUM tools like daily stand-up, sprint review and retrospective. We have a small team, but we manage it well and plan precisely, in 14-day iterations. Team and project retrospectives constantly help us to improve and learn from our mistakes. Through sprint reviews, we focus on the things we’ve done, finished and handed off. We react to customer requests quickly and flexibly. We develop SW for each customer based on their individual needs, and we test each new version carefully before delivering it (Test Driven Development). We are all one team—everyone here can turn to veteran teammates for advice at any time. We motivate each other and push the envelope with our skills and knowledge.

We provide reliable support

Before we begin providing support to a customer, we get to know their business face to face. We speak their language and we know their information systems. But we’re also great at speaking—and listening—to people. We learn from our mistakes. Every new and unexplored problem pushes us forward. With Aimtec Support 24/7, our customers never have to worry about the what-ifs. Support is the only place where every element of a business comes together.

We are Support. We solve problems.

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