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We work for the whole world

Our business is built on people – the people who have been designing fitting solutions for our customers for over 20 years.

We help companies work efficiently

We improve performance for their manufacturing and logistics via integrated solutions. We meld advanced industrial know-how with our own modular software. Join us in creating applications for managing warehouses, deliveries, electronic communication and production planning. We’re one of the best companies in the field.

How things work at Aimtec

There are 170 of us here – but we work in micro-teams because a flat organizational structure guarantees quick decisions. Don’t worry. You won’t find a corporate atmosphere. Our Aimtec company culture will hug you and won’t let go. That’s one reason why we’re always so glad to meet each other, at work and at play.


Our solutions earn and save millions for hundreds of firms. And they save work for thousands of people.

Join us in the role of:

Here´s how we work

We know how to manage projects right

We’re able to visualize a project’s status at any moment. Every customer-side process is under the responsibility of a key user, who defines and approves it. Meanwhile a consultant – a guarantor for the delivery – is present on our side. We perform a constant mutual process confirmations in all project phases during definition, prototyping, and the integration test. This keeps us more flexible and capable of immediate responses.

We know how to manage development

We do things the Agile way. We deliver on-time and at high-quality thanks to scrum tools (daily stand-ups, sprint reviews and retrospectives). We tailor our software to each customer’s needs and ensure ongoing automatic testing for all changes. We can easily handle our forty developers and sixty parallel projects in fourteen-day iterations even without overtime. That’s also why we have one-third of our time set aside for innovations.

We provide reliable support

Aimtec Support is a place where every area of our business meets. We provide 24/7 support, and every single support team member receives ongoing training to ensure that they’re on the same wavelength as the customer and they know the customer’s information systems.

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