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Keep overview of warehouses and material logistics. In production and distribution.

A system that controls logistics processes in warehouses and production, from receipt to shipment. It brings information in real time using automated identification of handling units and warehouse positions by employing bar codes or RFID codes.

What DCIxWMS can do

Digital picture of warehouses

It provides accurate and instant information about material stock level, its location and movements since receipt, through putting into warehouse and issue, to production and shipment. This information is used for production planning, purchase and shipment.

Overview of individual workers and their performances

You can monitor performance of individuals, check compliance of specified rules, and identify wrongly set processes in order to improve them. Each task and movement is connected with a name of one particular person.

Management of advanced logistical facilities

DCIxWMS contains intelligent interface for communication with complex technological facilities, like conveyors, (semi)automated system carts, fully autonomous stackers, scales, sorters.

Automation, optimization, and visualization

It suggests changes of material locations based on analyses of ABC, XYZ. It recommends optimal routes through warehouse to operators for putting into warehouse and picking. It creates work queue for merging and splitting individual orders. Monitors show work amount to be finished. DCIxWMS, at the same time, predicts future development of warehouse load.

Properties and features

  • Automated check of operator’s actions correctness with feedback.

  • Warehousing outside, on the floor, in various rack types, in chutes, in dynamic warehouses of a continuous lift type.
  • Automated replenishing to production, picking zones, and supermarkets.
  • Managing packaging account.
  • Support of lean production principles - Kanban, Heijunka, TPS (Toyota Production System).
  • Observance of FIFO / FEFO rules.
  • Identification of handling units, positions and products by bar codes, RFID technologies, mechanical and laser labelling.
  • Pick by Voice - voice guidance - and Pick by Light - light guidance - during picking and replenishment, navigation using augmented reality.
  • Integration interface with various types of information systems - enterprise, cash, attendance and quality systems.

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