Digitalisation of manufacturing and shipping, including the roll-out of a warehouse solution in SAP

Eissmann Group Automotive uses DCIx/Sappy in production

Eissmann Group Automotive – a partner to the automotive industry in development and manufacturing – produces control modules, lining components and complete vehicle interiors.

The world of industry is accelerating quickly. Eissmann Automotive knows a thing or two about this. See how they made it digital. Its management required its branches in Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA, China, Hungary, Mexico, Great Britain and Slovakia to monitor the traceability of critical components connected with automotive safety. It also sought to ensure compliance with the engineering methods used for tough manufacturing processes using expensive materials and for meeting automakers’ strict quality requirements. It later approached Aimtec with the need to deliver manufactured parts in sequence at branches in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary.

The solutions inside of Aimtec’s MES and JIT/JIS product Aimtec DCIx helped with all these requirements. The Eissmann Group’s leadership also decided to deploy a configured Sappy WMS solution at the majority of its plants. 


  • A digitalised traceability and sequencing solution for work with every automaker, including support for different time zones.
  • Compliance with requirements for ensuring the traceability of manufactured parts.
  • Swift roll-out of the MES and JIT/JIS product DCIx into further plants at minimal cost.
  • Configurable WMS templates within Sappy WMS via Digital Delivery, with no need for a physical presence.
  • Utilisation of SAP specialists to constantly improve configured processes.

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Digitalising manufacturing (MES) and distribution (JIS/JIT) in the DCIx system.

Logistics management plus the roll-out of a warehouse solution in SAP.


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