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Digital Delivery

Choose Digital Delivery for your projects, too.

We already implement projects faster than most on the market. Your deadlines are our priority, and all of our preparations are based on that. Over 20 years of experience have confirmed for us that this approach works. With new digital technologies and approaches, we can even handle standard project implementations in about one-third of the time it takes now.

Discover Digital Delivery. We know an approach that will give you maximum use of our key expertise while also minimizing your downtimes and costs. We’re redesigning our products, including their development and testing environments, to enable full automation of standard project activities. You’ll thus arrive at your Digital Factory faster than you can imagine today.


The Benefits of Digital Delivery 

What makes Aimtec better


We don’t describe. We go straight ahead and

We now know that most misunderstandings occur at the outsets of projects, during spoken and written definitions. That’s why we first present a solution prototype to you, which you then try out. And only after that do we select the most beneficial variant for your business.


Your application guide

Before we start working with you to devise a solution, a digital guide leads you through our application. Thanks to this, you’ll understand its possibilities better, and find it easier to imagine its real business benefits.


Knowledge Transfer

We take the know-how we gain during our work on projects for individual customers, assemble it, and offer it for inspiration as a solution that is proven and that works successfully.


Digitised training

We preserve every training for you in digital form. Refresh your team’s knowledge again and again, and train new workers easily.


Best practice

We constantly improve our recommended configurations for all industrial sectors based on the projects we’ve already done. This lets us offer solutions that provably give better results.


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