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Document Management System and Change Management

A document management system is a fundamental requirement for obtaining QM system certification. Besides the basic requirements for depicting a document’s life cycle and localizing it precisely, keeping it on-target, and other vital attributes, you must ensure that it fits into your overall document structure and must perform document approval procedures. Preparing a change procedure means interconnecting and coordinating a number of activities across department lines and offering information on the change’s current status up until its actual release and subsequent implementation.

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Our document management is based on the ISO9001 standard and VDA requirements. Our solutions start from standard functionalities. Interconnecting them creates a synergy. Documents each have their own versioning and status sequencing for depicting the document life cycle. For each document, we can assign other characteristics, and each one can be placed into the document hierarchy so as to e.g. produce a quality brochure. The documents themselves are stored at a secure storage point. We provide various authorization levels for access to them. Distribution lists and placement information are also produced for each document. For each document, measures such as review, approval and change procedures can be planned, processed and evaluated. All of this functionality can be applied to the areas of quality, certificates, EHS documents, handling of dangerous REACH substances, etc.

Change procedures contain lists of standardized activities that need to be done before a change’s approval. Change procedures are processed typologically using statuses and catalogs, planned activities are created, their fulfilment is monitored and milestones are defined and evaluated. When a change process concerns materials, information reports on approval status are produced during other logistical processes.

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Expanded document properties and a complete life cycle

Our enhanced document properties offer you a tool for quick searches and a hierarchy of current customer versions; we also offer a complete overview of all activities performed on documents, including dates and responsible persons.

Planning change procedures

You can classify individual change procedures, compose them easily based on activity catalogs, monitor their fulfilment status, plan their implementation, set up follow-up events and perform evaluations.

Interconnecting change procedures

An Aimtec change procedure is a comprehensive tool based on, and intertwined with, SAP’s existing logistical processes. Change procedures can be planned, the performance of individual activities can be checked, and current status can be determined quickly.

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