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Sappy is a system of templates with which you can flexibly adapt your SAP solution environment. Sappy stands out: it’s configurable to your current needs, simple to implement and systematic when managing changes and their documentation. 


How will Sappy help you?



Sappy is a MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) solution that covers and supports all of an operation’s key processes. That makes it easy for you to achieve synergy between your logistics, manufacturing and shipping, including the connection to EDI.


Sappy lets you manage enterprise logistics within SAP system, from receipt out to shipping. It also supports you when you’re managing intra-company material flows, integrating automation technologies and arranging traceability.


This solution helps with production planning and management, and it takes care of collecting production-facility data and OEE. It monitors and registers current status throughout every phase of production. You get a comprehensive overview that uncovers bottleneck sites and processes.


Just-in-time and Just-in-sequence shipping bring their own unique challenges. Sappy supports shipping in the special world of supplying for automotive, including EDI, and can handle every customer demand.


Sappy lets you collect data and work with a wide range of management processes during quality control. Standard SAP system objects and features are connected to make your work easier. You can even use this solution on mobile devices.

Why Sappy?


Work quickly and flawlessly

Sappy makes your work with SAP system easier. It provides customised control ergonomics and a logical transaction layout to make your work quick and precise.


Have all your data in one place

You’ll have reliable and concentrated data that’s all in a single system. You’ll no longer need to integrate other solutions and keep data in multiple places – often causing data inconsistencies.


Develop your SAP system sustainably

Our ready-made templates organise your transactions into intertwined robust processes, and yet they are always at the level of standard SAP system operations, with no need for modifications.

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Aimtec has been cultivating its partnership with SAP since 2005. We’re part of the SAP PartnerEdge partner ecosystem, with Value-Added Reseller (VAR) and SAP Build Partnership certifications. 

We’re working with SAP on the development of industry cloud solutions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How should I get ready for the SAP S/4HANA transition?
Prepare your system for this change, and you’ll manage it with no trouble. It’s like with moving – Sappy helps out like a system of boxes into which you sort and tidy away individual processes so that you won’t have to hunt for anything in the new system.
Sappy can integrate a variety of devices into a single functional whole without the need to hook in third-party software. Even when you’re automating, you can keep all your data in one place. 
We call this the corporate dilemma, and we have a clear answer for you. Sappy templates work exclusively within the standard SAP system, they ensure easy configurability and they don’t litter a system with disjointed changes. 

Do you need to deploy a new SAP system?

If you’re planning to deploy a new SAP solution, we have templates for you that are customised to the special environment of automotive and discrete manufacturing. 

This makes the introduction of a new SAP S/4HANA backbone system simpler and faster – even in cases where the solution is being deployed to other plants.

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Avoid non-standard transactions in your ERP system SAP. Take a systematic approach to adjustments. Insist on clear configuration and perfect documentation.” 

Martin Bezděk

Martin Bezděk SAP Consultant

Martin Bezděk

Other Sappy specifics

A planned, flexible and sustainable approach
Sappy expands your SAP system, but it doesn’t burden it with random rough cuts into the standard.
A configurable building-block system
The entire solution can be customised again and again for your evolving needs.
SAP and EDI solutions under one roof
At Aimtec we understand both of these sets of needs and can handle them both for you. 
An environment prepared for the future
Naturally it’s compatible with IU5-FIORI and ready for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Edition.
Reference Fehrer

Case study

A warehouse logic transformation greatly raised capacity

Partial warehouse automation covered a large part of Fehrer’s processes with modern warehouse technologies controlled automatically over SAP system, enabling the plant to meet its needs for further development. 

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Jan Vápeník

Jan Vápeník Business Development Manager SAP

Jan Vápeník