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Pricol: Implementation of an information system based on SAP ERP at a manufacturer of automotive components

Pricol Ltd.

We implemented the SappyCar solution from Aimtec because we had lost support for our then-current ERP. Today SappyCar enables us to store materials and readied products in the warehouse more quickly.

Petr Jurča, COO at Pricol Wiping Systems Czech


  • Standardising and optimising processes
  • Automating processes (barcodes, readers)
  • Ensuring traceability for materials in production
  • Satisfying the requirements of automotive-industry customers (full EDI integration)
  • Generating documents from the system (purchase orders, delivery notes)


  • We have a unified view of data
  • We are transparent for customers
  • We pass customer Audits
  • We have a complete overview of material flows and source information for planning
  • We have a stable platform for the further development of features and for implementation of SAP ERP at the Mexican branch

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