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You’re active in industrial manufacturing, and so you know that this is one of the most complex sectors. You stand before great opportunities, but on the other hand, you must achieve perfection in many areas. With the rise of digitization, you face the greatest challenge in your history, no matter whether you’re operating in a make-to-stock or  make/configure-to-order environment. Market developments are becoming harder and harder to predict, and you have to be able to confirm timelines for more and more complex and urgent orders. You need to manage the construction and technical production data preparation and plan and execute complex multi-step orders. On top of all this, you have to take into account global growth and a tightly integrated intercontinental supply chain that expects standardization and flexibility from you simultaneously.

The Aimtec Solution

Our Digital Factory helps you to overcome all these global challenges, with a view to the specifics of industrial manufacturing enterprises. We enable your transition towards a flexible, integrated solution – one enabling you to plan and manage production in real time. Your factory’s digital image will give you complete visibility that will let you make quick managerial decisions. You can handle a vast range of areas, from predicting demand, to linking your product development with manufacturing, to detailed planning and synchronization of all sources intercontinentally, on through to complete quality management. We arrange for traceability or for planning production costs in detail and comparing them with real costs.

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