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Injection Molding and Plastics

You have to both plan your plastics manufacturing with a view to all its specific restrictions, and perform it according to plan and at the right quality. You need a key overview of your molding machines proper setup and current operation and their OEE, as well as follow-up operations and subcontracting for galvanization, the paint shop, stamping and flocking. You can’t put together a real plan without basing it on a precise overview.

Our Digital Factory handles all these specifics simply and precisely.

The Aimtec Solution

We offer the option of EDI communication with partners and management and labelling of deliveries based on customer specifications. We support advanced production planning. We take into account every restriction, including the capacity of your presses, molds or maintenance workers. We enable detailed paint-shop planning. We deploy tools for lean internal logistics (e-Kanban and Milkrun) and for complete production process management and full-fledged quality management. We provide on-line monitoring of your presses, paint shop, assembly and other operations. We visualize their current state of production, including machine tuning parameters and the statuses of individual molds. We digitize your internal logistics, from receipt to shipping, including a product genealogy. We arrange for the integration of all your machines, production equipment and systems into the IoT.

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