A complete change in warehouse 
logic has significantly increased 
handling and capacity

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The Fehrer Bohemia plant in Liberec produces armrests for use in the vehicles of the world’s leading automakers. Every day it produces 20,000 armrest units for 35 different car models. Its most complex product contains a full 150 components and has an unbelievable 580 variants.

In 2018 the company needed to increase its manufacturing volume as well as its warehouse capacity. Its newly constructed warehouse was 10% larger than the original, but the needed increase in warehouse positions and handling actions was much higher – up to 40%. The plant thus needed a qualitative change in the logic behind its new warehouse, towards the most comprehensive automation possible. 

The result is partial warehouse automation that covers a large portion of the plant’s processes using modern warehouse technologies controlled automatically over SAP. Aimtec’s support has thus enabled this plant to develop further.

  • A 40% increase in warehouse positions with only a 10% growth in floor space
  • Automatic organisation of personnel and its activities based on a work queue
  • Constant verification of the sequencing of steps in the materials process
  • Elimination of manual inputs; acceleration of operations and minimisation of errors
  • Supplying of the production line using e-kanban call-off parts and in-sequence supplying
  • Managed supplying of the production hall using logistics trains and planning of their routes along production lines

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A complete change in warehouse logic has significantly increased handling and capacity

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