SFC Solutions

An EDI migration and integration
with a new SAP solution in four months

SFC Solutions

SFC Solutions produces insulation, rubber mixes for insulation manufacturing, Fluid Transfer System (FTS) products and more. It supplies its products to global automotive manufacturers such as Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Jaguar, Opel and Citroen. The company owns manufacturing plants in Poland, Italy, Spain and India and employs several thousand people.

SFC Solutions needed to deploy a SAP ERP system and integrate it with EDI as quickly as possible to ensure it could receive call-offs and send ASN messages for its deliveries to customers uninterrupted. It deployed EDI as a Service for this; that product also includes Mapping Factory, used for developing the mappings that convert structured EDI messages into in-house formats.

  • A successful EDI migration, performed during the deployment of a new SAP solution by a third party.
  • Migration of EDI without interrupting operations (accepting call-offs and sending ASN messages).
  • Over 100,000 files were sorted and analysed.

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In Four Months and during Full  Operations: EDI Migration and Integration with a New SAP ERP

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