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Harness SAP ERP to manage discrete manufacturing.

This is a SAP ERP implementation template made for the specific needs of mass and customized production activities such as engineering, plastic and metal product manufacturing, sheet-metal splitting and assembly-line production. It primarily supports long-term manufacturing preparation and planning and the generation and flexible adaptation of basic data such as BOMs, workflows, projects, etc.

What SappyManufacturing can do

Comprehensive production planning and management

Production for the warehouse, production to order, mass production, salaried work (cooperation).

Logistics and warehouse management 

Managing inventory at precise locations, with traceability, package-level granularity and support for managing material flows using barcodes

Integrated accounting

Support for international standards, financial and controlling tools for evaluating orders or even whole projects

Features and functions

  • Precise and up-to- date information on manufacturing, inventory, and financial flows, and tools for evaluations and decisions at every level of your enterprise

  • Managing inventory flows and supplementing production based on Kanban, inventory levels, etc.
  • Collecting data and visualising production plans and statuses at individual sites.
  • Manages documents (workflows, blueprints and control plans) and enables their use in operations.
  • Flexible administration and evaluation for orders and entire projects at every phase.
  • Creation and administration of calculations and managerial record-keeping, with support for financial planning and simulations.
  • Sets of business documents and reports for the relevant record-keeping in the manufacturing segment, in English, German and Czech.

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