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Automotive Shipping Standards

Car manufacturers and customers require you as their supplier to comply with their logistics concepts and standards. They can even fine you for any shortcomings in your documents or labelling. It is extremely important for you to avoid errors in shipping and sending documents and ASN messages.

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We will deploy a solution that complies with all your customers’ requirements for electronic data interchange quickly and painlessly and ensures that your workers work flawlessly. Our system guides your workes during product shipping so as to eliminate mistakes. The solution that we offer accepts and processes an electronic call-off, compares it with the last one, submits the planning documents, creates delivery documentation, and sends off an electronic dispatch notice.  We have all the processes set up for you exactly according to the standards of each car manufacturer or automotive supplier.

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What makes Aimtec better

Reducing the demands placed on employees

The entire process of preparing your delivery and your shipping documents is controlled by the system. Your employees do not have to remember each different customer’s standard procedure.

Minimizing the error rate

We will facilitate the matching of shipping labels with your internal labels. You will achieve faultlessness in precisely the area where most logistic errors occur.

Turnkey solutions

We know your customers. We will handle the entire process of preparation, customer validation, and deployment for you.

Advantages and benefits

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