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Car-radio manufacturing that’s tuned down to the last measure

Panasonic Automotive Systems Czech, s.r.o.

At the thirteen production lines of Panasonic Automotive Systems in Pardubice, Czech Republic, over 700 models of car radios and other audio equipment are produced for leading world automotive companies. The manufacturing process is fairly complex – a large quantity of parts and input materials is fed into it, and other factors, such as hardening time, constrain it as well. Panasonic originally handled planning within its SAP ERP system. However, this didn’t let them plan for the long term, and their capacities were unevenly distributed. In light of this, they needed a way to handle production planning independently.

 “We have about 700 different car-radio models, with lots of parts and a variety of manufacturing processes, and of course a limited number of production lines. Having everything in a single system that can react to non-standard situations, and also cover that enormous number of variants and plan out our lines quickly and effectively, that’s the biggest benefit for us”.

Veronika Rejmanová, Production Control Supervisor, Panasonic Automotive Systems Czech


  • Planners save time, making them more efficient.
  • Setup times and downtimes are minimised.
  • Production throughput is increased.
  • What-if analyses can be created.
  • The planning process is standardised (the influence of the human factor is reduced).
  • Planners can plan in parallel (multiple employees can edit the production plan, with rights for certain operations only, and change proposals are sent to a planner who then approves them).


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