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Cooperate with customers and suppliers electronically. Using a web portal.

We are speaking of a web portal that supports suppliers, customers, and logistics providers, enabling them to share current and accurate information in real time.

What DCIxPortal can do

Simple sharing of information

DCIxPortal serves as a single point for sharing information among business partners. Share orders, call-offs, and kanbans, or stock levels in warehouses, including consignment ones.

Shifting responsibility to suppliers

Supplier can print your internal labels taken from the portal, which come from your internal numerical series. At the same time an electronic delivery note (ASN) is generated automatically.

Error-free and quick receipt of material

The portal creates and sends electronic delivery notes (ASN) to customers automatically. You receive material according to ASN and you check it by scanning. The portal prints customer labels and delivery notes.

Support of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

It allows sharing information with your suppliers, who are responsible for maintaining agreed stock levels.

Properties and features

  • Reducing costs for material ordering
    Communicate with suppliers via the online portal, where all share the same information.

  • Reducing costs for procurement of transport
    Share information with carriers via Internet about transport requests and workload from individual gates for loading and unloading.

  • Processes for various supplier scenarios
    We draw upon preset solutions for orders, call-offs, and electronic kanban.

  • Support of plan creation for Milk run
    We can find more efficient workload of transportation in case of regular material collections.

  • Information in advance
    We have an overview of a delivery being prepared. You can see the difference between ordered and shipped goods before you make the receipt.

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