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RAPA supplies components and system solutions for the automotive and health care sectors and for a broad industrial base. This company with roughly 1,000 employees struggled for a long time with fine-tuning EDI communication with new suppliers and the slowness of adopting new message formats in EDI. 

In cooperation with Aimtec, it migrated its customers and suppliers to a unified EDI platform contained within two products: EDI as a Service and WebEDI. The new option of validating messages at RAPA additionally minimised the volume of defect charges from OEMs.


  • Partner integration now takes days rather than months.
  • RAPA’s IT team now spends 80% less time on EDI.
  • This scalable solution is resilient and prepared for future use as well.
  • Message monitoring and validation minimises the chance of errors.
  • New EDI message types can be brought in fundamentally faster.

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Covering B2B communication start-to-finish at RAPA

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