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Independent EDI Services

Do away with your EDI worries. Outsource your EDI.

How can you handle both the configuration of EDI messages themselves and all the integration of the systems that have to work with the data? You don’t have to allocate time from your already-overworked IT department. Use our Independent EDI Services. They’re available whether you’re already using our solutions or not. We’re capable of handling data interchange in automotive, in logistics and at manufacturing firms. And what’s more, we’re always watching customer requirements for updates and developing new tools to monitor messages and verify them. That lets us guarantee that your EDI will keep up with your customers and your messages will go where they should.

Use our Independent EDI Services


What Independent EDI Services will handle for you

Arranging conditions with your OEM and taking liability for defect charges

Not only do we integrate your new customers; we also arrange everything surrounding EDI with them. We have the right contacts, and suppliers know us well, as do OEMs. In just a fraction of the time that configuration would take for your internal team, you’ll have a flawlessly functioning EDI tool for communication with automakers and other automotive companies. We stand up for our quality in many ways – for example, if you receive a defect charge caused by an error in EDI communication, we pay the charge for you.

Interconnection with ERP systems, including SAP

Our specialisation lies in mapping and integration, that is, in determining and setting which parts of your systems should automatically receive the data that EDI messages contain. We’ll handle integration into your ERP system for you. That includes SAP ERP – both today’s version and tomorrow’s S/4 HANA.

Message Monitoring and Verification

With our monitoring system developed especially for EDI communication, and with help from machine learning, we’re able to verify whether all of the data fields in a call-off have been filled in correctly. At the same time the system will always inform you if messages have not been delivered in time. This prevents delivery complications and fines, and you save time and money. You won’t produce more or less than you need.

Features and Functions

  • Independent of your EDI solution
    We provide EDI outsourcing that works no matter what EDI communication system you currently use.

  • Ready-to-go conversions

    We have a database of pre-developed conversions, from among which we pick the most advantageous one, or customise it for precisely your processes. The process is automated, and thus faster.

  • 24/7 support
    The Aimtec support team is ready to address your requests at any time. 

  • Active monitoring

    We verify that your messages were delivered correctly, and during any incidents, we handle them directly with the partners where the error occurred.

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