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Independent EDI Services

Outsource EDI and push your business forward

Aimtec provides independent services in the EDI area across all most frequent SW solutions on the market.

What IES can do

Mapping Factory

Development of conversions from/to in-house formats and standard formats like EDIFACT, VDA, ODETTE, ANSI X12. We use best practices from software and conversions development, and thus speed up our responses to customer requirements while significantly reducing your costs.

Application Management

Error free operation and support in the 24/7 mode. You will get 100% support of your system. We address the problems in a systematic way in Aimtec and prevent incidents proactively. We employ principles of preventive maintenance and automatic monitoring.

Rollout Management

Service for management of business partners integration using EDI communication. With new customers and suppliers we register ever-growing number of requests for EDI communication. You need an electronic exchange of business documents (call-offs, delivery notes, invoices, and others). We can help you with preparation of process documentation, specification of testing scenarios, project management, and other challenges of integration.

Properties and features

  • Professional knowledge
    We will tailor-made the final application to your needs. Using best practices in our branch we will set the service, so that it supports business processes and structure of your company.

  • Speed of delivery
    We draw on agile approach in the IT branch. We are planning in short iterations, in order to be able to guarantee quick and quality delivery.

  • Support in 24/7 mode
    AIMTEC Support team is ready to cope with your requests, anytime.

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