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Just in Sequence

As cars become progressively more complex, OEMs are adding a growing number of suppliers to sequencing processes. Until recently, entire modules were sequenced in Syncro mode, and suppliers have had to be located within a distance from the OEM’s plant that could be traveled within a few dozen minutes. However, remote sequencing is now becoming increasingly popular. “Pearl chain” processes are also in use by light-duty vehicle manufacturers. Furthermore, safety parts – which require special management of the assembly process and full traceability – are also often built into complex modules.

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Ship to Sequence

Sequencing parts upon shipping. This is an extremely fast and simple project. We will introduce you to the world of sequencing and support you with our know-how during OEM negotiations. This solution includes EDI, the validation and processing of reports, labels, and documents precisely to OEM specifications, control over the sequence, and pallet ordering, as well as traceability.

3PL Sequencing

Storage and shipping/assembly in a multi-supplier sequence. If you are a logistics company, then we can rapidly deploy a solution that will fully support your logistics and assembly processes. This solution offers sequencing for dozens of suppliers and handles the associated complete warehouse logistics, material planning, and communication with suppliers.

Assembly to Sequence

The production of modules in sequential order. We can properly focus and define these complex projects and subsequently manage them. These projects above all require significant coordination with manufacturing technology supplies. The solution we offer will plan the entire process for you, manage batch manufacturing and the correct sequence assembly process, ensure complete traceability, and handle all logistics service processes.

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Traceability via VINs and serial numbers

Tracking the lots or serial numbers of built-in components and subsequent detailed documentation of all parameters throughout the manufacturing process allows for traceability at the level of the final product’s VIN or serial number.

Flexible, stable, and robust

We offer a top-flexibility, programming-free solution. All of the modules used are governed by a comprehensive automated testing program, thus ensuring the solution’s stability.

More than simply Just in Sequence

When it comes to sequencing, we see the whole picture, and we will handle all linked functional areas for you. We will take care of everything, from EDI communication and JIS, to securing logistics management (WMS), batch production planning & management (MES) and sequential assembly management (MES), right through to following all quality assurance rules (QMS).

Automation technology integration

We will connect your solution to machines, sensors, and other technology via OPC or API, or through the use of A/D converters. Integration is possible for both manufacturing and assembly management technology, as well as for logistics technology such as Pick by Light and E-Kanban, conveyor control, and automated storage systems.

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