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Futaba’s main focus is on manufacturing parts for vehicles’ bodywork, undercarriages, and exhaust systems. They have roughly 800 employees in the Czech Republic. Their main customers include TPCA, Toyota and PSA.

Our cooperation with Futaba is long-term and multi-layered. It started with our deployment of a system for managing the dispatching of their finished products. After that came materials receipt management and a WIP overview. In 2014 a system for collecting data from the welding lines was deployed and traceability was deployed, and the most recent level of cooperation has been for Aimtec to deploy an Advanced Planning and Scheduling system. It plans purchase orders from start to finish, so that Futaba can bring materials to interim storage just three hours before production, while still meeting the deadlines for their customers’ orders.

Realized projects

Futaba Czech, s.r.o.

Implementation of a system for collecting data from machines

Implementation of a system for managing internal logistics processes

Implementation of an APS production planning system

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