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Panasonic is a Japanese company that manufactures electronics for industrial and home use. In 2018 it celebrated a full 100 years from its founding. In the Czech Republic, its main focus is on manufacturing car radios.

At Panasonic, Asprova is used as a tool for planning production that takes into account company-specific production processes – for example preventing the drying of paste on the car-radio plate and planning the fitting of radio plates from both sides, with each side being planned separately. Asprova also governs the SMT lines and provides for the synchronisation of several production steps so as to prevent machines from idling or completely stopping. Asprova is integrated into company´s SAP system.

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Panasonic Automotive Systems Czech, s.r.o.

Car radio production planning, controlled by the Japanese Asprova system

Integration of data into a single SAP system helps to improve production quality

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