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3PL Service Providers

You’re thinking about how to stand out from the competition, and you know that the way forward is to offer something more—services with added value. Your clients seek a partner who understands their business in detail and knows their logistics concepts. Once you can provide services like sequencing, kitting and repackaging, and on top of that provide them cheaper, faster and tailor-made, you’ve won.  And because price is still the most important factor, the future is all about fully automated processes with a minimum of workers.

The Aimtec Solution

We ensure error-free logistics and goods distribution. We make your team’s work easier and enable your warehouse processes to run faster – and automatically.  We work out the storage of consumer goods, fast-moving consumer goods, materials, and components for manufacturing firms. We can improve goods storage efficiency for a single client or multiple clients at once. We know your clients’ environment in detail, and covering value-added services is our specialty.   

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Typical solutions and topics

  • EDI & SAP – Simply and at once

    Komplexní validace a monitoring zpráv. Již žádné zatíženky.

  • Traceability

    Monitor and measure in detail. Then you can truly manage.

  • Quality Inspection

    In quality control you are often faced with a lack of tools and solutions....

  • Location Based Services

    Create the digital map of your warehouse or production facility with Location Based Services and get the most out of location data.

  • Automation

    Automated production and logistics without operators.

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