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Advanced Planning and Scheduling

You’re always rushing to finish orders at the last minute. You’re not 100% sure of the deadlines you promise. You have trouble deciding what to do when a machine goes out, you run short on materials, or you have a quality problem. You think long and hard whether to finish an order at all costs, or stop production and switch to another product. You’re worried about the effect on your other orders and delivery timelines. You want to know if you need to assemble an afternoon or Saturday shift.

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We replace your planners’ Excel tables and get your foremen’s operative planning under control. With our applications, you’ll create a real production plan, you’ll manufacture with no complications, and you’ll meet the deadlines you promise. Your planner will work with a system connected to your latest data. He’ll be able to make plans that respect all your production restrictions. We’re able to tell you e.g. if you need a Saturday shift, whether it’s better to finish or switch your production, and under what conditions you can meet your deadlines.

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What makes Aimtec better

Quick decision-making

Thanks to in-memory computing, you’ll see the new version of your plan in just a few minutes. You can simulate changes and change your decisions right when you need.

Plan for real life

Your plan respects every limitation of your production halls. We oversee the capacities of your maintenance team and adjusters, as well as your mould and tool counts, operator qualifications, availability of parts and WIP stocks, machine capacities, and your business team’s order deadlines.


You can compare plan variants based on defined criteria. The system helps you decide simply and smartly. Sometimes you gain more by producing economically while missing a deadline, and other times a deadline needs to be met at all costs.

Join your divisions

We bring the plans created by your planners right to foremen and shop workers. And we bring current production statuses right back to your planners. No more hours wasted distributing paper orders.

Production data, clear and visible

We display your production data, BOMs, and workflows clearly in graphical form. You’ll uncover errors quickly. Your data will be reliable – and easy for your partners to understand.

Advantages and benefits

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