Yard Management System (YMS) in the cloud

Are anxiously wondering how to shorten loading and unloading waits in the yard, or plan shipping capacities? With the Yard Management System in, you get a simple yet highly valuable tool for managing the capacities of your gates, equipment and employees.


Optimal capacity planning

Plan suitable time slots for truck loading or unloading, and the needed equipment and staffing based on that. It doesn’t matter if you have just two ramps or two dozen. With a YMS, you have a tool for planning optimal use of them.


Automatic carrier recognition

Let only vehicles that belong in the yard into the yard. Since the YMS is connected with your boom gate and can distinguish trucks’ license plate numbers, only the carriers you’re expecting can bring their trucks into the yard. Thus your yard won’t be clogged with vehicles you know nothing about, and these won’t be blocking the way for the rest.


Evaluating carrier reliability

Get a firm grip on which shippers stick to the plan and arrive on time – but also which ones comply with loading and unloading timelines. YMS produces this kind of report automatically, thus giving you a data foundation for making your logistics more efficient.


Why use an YMS?

  • You save money while meeting your shipping needs,
  • you have a firm grip on yard plans and changes,
  • and you can graphically view the plan vs. reality right at the ramp.
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