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Manage quality. Measure and evaluate processes.

DCIxQMS is a system for managing processes of material quality. It controls incoming and outgoing inspection, monitoring and observation of specified rules.

What DCIxQMS can do

Quality management at detailed level

Follow evaluation at the level of delivery, handling unit or a single piece, within the entire production process, from material receipt to final products check.

Interconnection with WMS

It covers managed transfers to warehouse of quality, blocks a pallet or an entire delivery in warehouse or in production. It prevents issue of improper or unchecked material to production. It confirms material mass holding or releasing.

Work with dynamic check plans

It enables an automatic change of checks based on results from latest measurements in accordance with specified rules.

Properties and features

  • Defining a dynamic management of check frequency (Skip Lot Inspection)
    According to types and check levels, inspection plan for individual components, component groups, and supplier.

  • Documents of quality
    Defined check parameters and definition of a sampling plan.

  • Sophisticated system of suppliers evaluation
    Based on receipts from suppliers.

  • Audit support
    Support of traceability and managed handling in accordance with FIFO/FEFO rules.

  • Managing start of a new product
    Setting various rules for preliminary series and serial production.

  • Register of test samples
    Registering consumption of components for destructive testing.

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