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DCIxYMS (Yard Management System)

Manage loading and unloading trucks with ease. Use a graphical scheduling board.

The Yard Management System helps to schedule times of loading and unloading deliveries for individual trucks and exact warehouse gates.  It enables suppliers, customers, or carriers to share information about gates capacities and to create booking for truck arrival.

What DCIxYMS can do

Sharing information between clients and carriers

Clients share requests for transport with suppliers and carriers using a graphical web portal. Carriers confirm clients’ requests and book arrival times firmly. All share information about unexpected events or changes automatically.

Full planning capacity of gates, operators and handling equipment

You can search for suitable time windows for truck loading and unloading automatically, based on a precise schedule of arrivals and departures of individual trucks. At the same time, schedule capacities of individual gates, operators and handling equipment.

Graphical view of a loading schedule versus reality

Respond to occurring situation instantly, thanks the display of latest information about status of loading and unloading in real time. The system predicts possible time shifts for truck loading and unloading.

Evaluation of carriers’ reliability and schedules of loading/unloading

The system creates evaluation of individual carriers based on their history of schedule compliance, both as to timely arrivals, and duration of loading/unloading trucks.

Properties and features

  • Reducing costs for procurement of transportation
    Communication with carriers via Internet.

  • Automated notification
    Confirmed booking and possible changes sent via e-mail.

  • Information ahead
    Overview of schedules for deliveries and unloading, or unexpected changes.

  • Truck check-in
    Check of booking information, option to move to another gate and in another time.

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Yard Management Systems (YMS) mainly serve to manage loading and unloading, but they don’t have to stop there. The biggest...
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