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Location Based Services

Create the digital map of your warehouse or production facility with Location Based Services and get the most out of location data. In real time, you will be able to monitor whether and how your handling equipment, materials and workers are in motion. With this data you’ll reduce costs per fleet and human-factor errors, increase operators’ productivity and identify bottlenecks in your warehouse.

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We’ve invested a great deal of time and money into selecting the right technologies so that we can now offer them to you. We cooperate with market leaders and use the most advanced solutions. We prepare a pilot project that makes sense: your investment is small, and we loan you the solution. That lets you see the benefits right at your premises during test operation.

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Presence = detecting the presence of one object in another’s vicinity

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology with precision on the order of metres, we determine individual objects’ current positions. The transmitter is a battery-fed chip; the receiver can be a tablet, a telephone or a special reader. This BLE receiver calculates its distance from the transmitter based on signal strength.


RTLS = Real Time Location System

RTLS is nonstop, real-time detection of objects’ locations. This system’s precision is on the order of dozens of centimetres; we use it to monitor not only an object’s location, but also its movement. The technology used is UWB; the transmitter is a chip fed from a battery or the mains, while the receiver is a specialized reader (an “anchor”). The system calculates the transmitter’s current position based on information from multiple receivers.

Real data in real time

We store data on a server for further use; you and your management can access it from here in real time and can react flexibly and adjust your processes to reflect newly arising situations. The integration and collection of data from your machines and devices will aid you in further analysis of how your enterprise’s time and space are utilised.

Advantages and benefits

    Source: Sewio

Location Based Services Partners

By creating the digital map of the warehouse we cooperate with our technological partners. When speaking about presence type of services, we partner with the company Openmatics. For indoor localisation, we use the real-time location system from Sewio.




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