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Material Flow Control

You’re planning to build a fully automated, unmanned warehouse. You want to hand over a pallet on a conveyor at the entry and not worry about the rest. You need for whole pallets to arrive at the transfer point on their own based on their issue slips. You need for pallets to ride up gradually on their own to the packing site, where you’ll be using them to prepare mixed pallets, and then letting them ride back to the warehouse on their own. You plan a warehouse with double depth or higher. You want to store a variety of pallet and box dimensions, or on the contrary only boxes with unified dimensions.  You don’t know how to connect your facilities with your information system.

Choose an Aimtec solution

We’ll connect your information system or WMS and your facilities into one functional whole. Think of our solution as invisible middleware that interconnects everything and needs no human intervention. Your operators won’t have yet another system to learn. However, when adding the human factor does prove itself to be the right choice, we furnish your employees with touch terminals for communicating with your facilities. We cover sites that are not fully automated in this way.

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What makes Aimtec better

A smart assistant: Shop Floor Process Builder

With the Configurator, we set up automatic control over your facilities with logic that’s just as complex as you need. And what we can flowchart, we can configure as well. You get an automated process that your team will know how to control and develop.

Simple controls

The system’s simplicity for ordinary users is a key trait of our solution. Don’t waste time on complicated team trainings. We believe that only simple things work perfectly.

Interconnecting combined sites

We create solutions for both automated and manned sites. We naturally interconnect all sites, from fully automated to semi-automated to manually controlled.


We fully integrate your automated warehouse into your logistics, no matter which manufacturer you choose. Our solution is independent of your decision.


We handle both the fully automated part of your warehouse and the part where people manipulate pallets and boxes by hand. Both parts will be interconnected into a single, homogeneous whole.

Advantages and benefits

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