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Get the most out of your SAP ERP!

Sappy is a family of SAP solutions for rapid implementation of SAP ERP. It is based on branching templates and offers added functionality via add-ons for the areas of material flow management, collection of data from manufacturing, management, and quality inspection, and sales process support.

What Sappy can do

Branching templates

We support quick and efficient SAP ERP deployment thanks to our branching implementation templates. These contain key functionality for covering automotive supplier requirements (SappyCar) and supporting companies that use discrete manufacturing (SappyManufacturing).

Manufacturing Operations Management

We directly interconnect the physical value-generating processes at your company with your IS. We offer add-ons with added functionality for areas such as managing warehouses and material flows (SappyWMS); data collection and manufacturing planning and management (SappyMES); quality administration, management and control (SappyQMS); and comprehensive sales and distribution management (SappySD).

A solution for implementing I4.0 concepts

By enhancing your ERP system with Sappy products, we lay the foundations for deploying Industry 4.0 and creating a digital image of your company.

Features and functions

  • A standard interface for integration
    Sappy can interconnect with many kinds of information systems, such as APS, EDI and distribution and time-clock systems.

  • Linkable to the IoT
    Sappy products are integrated with technology such as automatic filing and
    warehousing systems, conveyors, unmanned manipulation technologies, Pick by Light, Pick by Voice, sensors, scanners and scales.

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