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Support management of your quality processes in SAP ERP.

SappyQMS is an interconnected group of features in the SAP system that makes it possible to process a wide range of quality management processes. It is based on standard objects and functions, which have been improved and interconnected so that they can facilitate work of individual quality management employees as much as possible.

What SappyQMS can do

Interconnection of all activities

Use a tool for everyday data processing. It provides clear chart views, reporting, materials for planning and activities checks, and it helps to control and manage documents. It interconnects all these activities with logistical flows, production, and controlling within a single system. This is its key feature.

Reducing labour intensity

It simplifies work at procuring and evaluating data and at administration of internal documentation.

Support of managing audits

It provides direct support at audits (creation of action plans) and improves customer assessment.

Properties and features

  • Control under control
    Recording, processing, checking, reporting, and archiving of various check types (regulating cards, SPC processing, creation of certificates).

  • Processing complaints and reports of discrepancies
    Links between customer and supplier complaints.

  • Managing suppliers
    Certification, audit, agreement on quality, evaluation of a supplier.

  • Support of the PPAP process
    Certificates management, approving parts and records of checks in their individual phases.

  • Support of FMEA
    Analysis of possible occurrence and impact of defects.

  • Processing 8D report
    Identification, corrective measures, and elimination of repetitive problems.

  • DMS system for documents management
    Support of processes for document life cyclemanagement.

  • Management of measurement interconnection of measurement devices with recording of results.

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