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Error-free and effective communication with your customers and suppliers

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Benefits of EDI

Why choose EDI services?

  • You avoid hardware and licensing headaches.
  • You save on the costs of an in-house EDI specialist.
  • We take care of integration into an ERP of your choice.
  • You always have the latest features.
  • You enjoy faster rollout and onboarding.
EDI Connector with ERP Systems

EDI solution independent on the ERP used EDI offers among others an interface for the SAP, Infor, JDE, Microsoft Dynamics enterprise information systems or for ERPs that run on AS/400 servers.

Error-free EDI communication

Error-free communication with your customers and suppliers

Avoid customer defect charges. EDI supports processes throughout the whole supply chain and monitors continuity among them. Our advanced monitoring and validation tools watch over every message processed, keeping you safe from logistics claims.

A complete solution for the entire supply chain EDI provides you with a solution for every message type you need, from call-offs to billing.

No matter which of the various EDI communication protocols and standards you need to use, we have them ready for you – and EDI can be extended to add more of them simply and quickly.

  • Order
  • Confirmation
  • Call-off
  • JIT call-off
  • Advance ship notice (ASN)
  • Invoice
  • Self-billing invoice
  • Stock-status report
  • VDA-label printing
  • TSB-generator integration
  • VDA reports in PDF
  • and more...

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EDI in automotive

Don’t worry about special requirements from automakers and Tier 1 suppliers. We’ll take care of it all for you.

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