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Collect last data from production and check production processes.

DCIx MES shows a detailed overview about the up-to-date production orders status, personnel and production facilities timesheets and activities, including adherence to technological procedures.

What DCIxMES can do

Digital picture of production status in each and every moment

It allows to collect data from individual production facilities, assembly lines, and teams of workers. These data are being integrated into a single source, which provides data for operative management of production, production planning and purchases, improving efficiency and enhancing standards then.


It provides data that serve for complete backward and forward traceability. This can drill down to individual products, handling units, or production batches/lots.

Managing production process in accordance with technological procedure

It controls production, so that sequence of production operations is observed, and the production takes place in accordance with specified conditions as per the technological procedure. At the same time it takes care of utilisation of production facilities in relation to production costs, utilisation of bottle necks, and optimum logistical flows.

Properties and features

  • Clear visualization
    Production status is evident without complicated computation and detection - using colours, symbols, and charts.

  • Graphical scheduling board
    Graphical board supporting operative management and evaluation of the production current status.

  • Maintenance
    Records keeping and management of machines and tools maintenance.

  • Qualifications
    Records keeping and management of workers qualifications.

  • Escalation
    Automated identification and notification of a specified event.

  • Traceability
    Forward and backward traceability of a production batch or a product.

  • Material record keeping
    Record keeping and management of material flows, including automated replenishment for individual workplaces.

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