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Key ERP functionality for the automotive industry. Simple and fast.

This solution handles the key processes for automotive industry suppliers. It supports electronic data interchange with partners, shipments based on OEM supplier concepts, production and purchasing planning and effective management of material flows.

What SappyCar can do

Flexible responses

Plan and manage your mass production. Be capable of flexibly reacting to changing customer requirements.

Harnessing technologies

Manage your material flow effectively, with support for traceability and FIFO a FEFO principles. Take advantage of barcode or RFID technologies.

Communication with partners

We fully integrate EDI technologies into your system. Handle all call-offs, ASN, invoices and self-billing automatically.

Features and functions

  • Planning, mass production and custom production in a single installation – TPV BOMs; MRP I and MRP II planning for manufacturing and purchasing; tool and jig planning.

  • Real-time manufacturing reporting and visualization, collection of data from manufacturing equipment, monitoring of in-progress manufacturing.
  • Support for lean manufacturing management (Kanban, levelling, and Heijunka).
  • Advanced purchasing management, including forecasting.
  • Support for distribution including loading and shipping events, support for warehouse management and package account monitoring, with support for package planning.
  • Quality management and control using QM components – managed documentation, quality planning, quality control on the inventory movement level and interconnection with manufacturing, logistics, controlling, purchasing and sales.
  • Monitoring and financial evaluation of projects and product groups; profitability analyses; calculations.
  • Can hook in to supplier and customer portals.

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