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API-based Integration

Your IT department has to react much faster than before to the latest trends, such as IoT, Big Data, SaaS and the Cloud, while also safely and quickly integrating these technologies. Your resources and capacities are relatively limited, and so your IT staff have trouble meeting all of these expectations. An API-based solution to integrating new technologies with existing systems shows itself to be the ideal answer.

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We offer a simple way for you to make the valuable data inside your system available to your users company-wide via an API. We also have a comprehensive API-led connectivity solution. This advanced architecture is based on building blocks made of APIs. It creates an application network, logically interconnects its individual elements, and emphasizes the reuse of individual building blocks. We thus conserve your IT department’s capacities and rapidly accelerate the development and deployment of new applications and devices in your application network.

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API-led connectivity

The three-layer integration architecture in API-led connectivity combines the benefits of ESB and API for you, and enables a modular approach to integration. We can handle upgrades or the deployment of new enterprise systems in just a few days or weeks.

Application network

When you have your systems, applications and equipment interconnected through APIs that provide logical and managed access to their data, you have an application network. A flexible and stable application network is a key element in your company’s digital transformation.

IoT support

An API enables you to flexibly integrate IoT devices into your company’s manufacturing and logistics processes. We can connect barcode readers, production lines and smart sensors to your application network so as to analyse data from thousands of your devices.

Security and administration for data access

We can apply proactive security mechanisms such as throttling, access management and data encryption to the API interface. Thus in the final system, your data is protected from attacks or inappropriate manipulation. By forcing rules via policies prepared in advance, we help to keep your security audits problem-free.


We do integration right, and that triples our delivery speed for readied projects within your company. We deploy systems and applications on average twice as fact as point-to-point solutions. As a result, we increase your company’s productivity by 20 – 250%.

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