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OEE Overall Production Efficiency

You’re planning, measuring, evaluating production, seeking reserves… and discovering that you need much more detailed information. You want to know what’s up at your plant’s night shift – why the day shift has higher output. You want information that’s not filtered through someone.

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We’ll open the door to information on availability, output and production quality. You’ll see detailed output differences, and so you’ll find more productivity reserves. We’ll connect your machines and obtain information on whether they’re idle, producing, broken or being set up. You’ll see even minor deviations in production. We download all of this data automatically from individual machines, and so no-one can influence it.

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What makes Aimtec better

A digital image of the real state of production

A digital image of how a team, individuals, and machines are performing helps to unveil productivity reserves. Only with fine-grained, precise details can you expand the boundaries of your outputs.

Your machines’ age doesn’t matter

We connect new machines over a modern API. For older machines, we utilize their electrical signals or equip them with external sensors. We always find a solution that lets you measure, evaluate, analyze and optimize.

Technological data is tomorrow’s treasure

Every machine is unique, and its behavior has a fingerprint. Collect extensive data on the shape of your manufacturing, and you’ve laid the foundation for machine learning in your control systems.

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