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Production Feeding and Kitting

With the growing variability of production, more and more required components are docked right in the production hall. Your workers waste time seeking parts and mistaking one for another. Your logistics team isn’t bringing parts to individual sites precisely as they’re needed. You want to assemble kits, but it’s complicated to prepare them. Perhaps each of your sites demands a different configuration and preparation. Or perhaps your manufacturing fits Kanban, but paper-based Kanban hasn’t served you well.

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We’ve prepared a solution that gives you a perfect overview of your production feeding. We replace your paper issue slips or Kanban cards with a request in a computer. It won’t get lost, and you can easily monitor it and vouch for its state of preparation. This solution is good for both custom production or repetitive manufacturing, and for replenishing anything from cheap to specific to expensive parts. We support your logistics, and they in turn simply and provably meet all the demands of your production halls. Your halls receive all their components, they never stop, and you gain room for further expansion.

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What makes Aimtec better

Kitting on point, kitting on time

With our solution, you’ll synchronously fill your kitting cart from multiple warehouse halls. You prepare a cart with all the parts for one product, or with one part type, with variants arranged precisely according to the production plan.

Monitoring, measuring, evaluating

We know that if you aren’t measuring, you aren’t managing. We know from experience just how much production increases when you visibly display production request statuses.

Electronic Kanban

Your replenishment requests are generated automatically based on production, upon exhaustion, or in the next train cycle. You transport Kanban parts to the supermarket and your sites on time, without errors or worries about losing paper cards.

Simple controls

The system’s simplicity for ordinary warehouse and logistics workers is a key trait of our solution. They’re with you to transport goods and replenish your halls – not to maintain records and databases. We believe that only simple things work perfectly.

A logical and simple environment

With the Configurator, we set up every process to precisely match reality. Every product and every site has its specifics. We configure processes so that your logistics workers won’t make mistakes.

Advantages and benefits

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