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Collect manufacturing data. Manage your production within SAP ERP.

This solution monitors and registers your production status in detail throughout every production phase. Its comprehensive overview lets you uncover and eliminate bottleneck sites and processes.

What SappyMES can do

Real-time data

The system collects production information from workers and machines in real time and supplements it with data on the movements of components, works in progress and finished products.

Centralization of data and features

In this unified system, you’ll find direct online integration into other parts of the system such as inventory accounting, data for planning your production and purchasing, support for distribution and reporting, and flexible responses to changes. The system evaluates and displays production status information in real time.

Detailed production register

Work with a register of products on the level of production orders or individual production operations. Monitor in detail the status of work in progress thanks to the use of manipulation units and warehouse locations in manufacturing, without having to introduce warehouse management.

Features and Functions

  • Expands and improves the standard SAP PP and MM/WM modules.

  • A clear application display marked with colors and symbols, via a standard web interface that makes your workflow easy.
  • A simple register and traceability for individual processes and procedures.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness reporting.

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