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Manage sales and distribution better in SAP ERP. Make your product great through superb sales and shipping.

SappySD is focused on sales activities, and it minimizes your overhead time. The whole SD process for your customer happens in one environment, linked to your warehouses, QM and documentation printing – including label printing.

What SappySD can do

Document flow

Manages the whole document flow from one environment.

Customer consignment

Manages consignment stock and can monitor stock levels automatically.

Individualized settings

Adapts to each user group, including its language.

EDI integration

Covers inbound and outbound EDI communication.

Customer concepts

Manages JIT processing, manifests and call-offs.

Properties and features

  • Automatic processing of call-offs, including the breaking down of long-term outlooks into smaller units for use in MRP.

  • Monitoring of handling units in the warehouse and of requirements from deliveries.

  • Shipment monitoring for outbound deliveries, including a plan for every loading point.

  • A sales forecast with conversions to enterprise currencies.

  • Configurable customs preferences.

  • Multilingual forms.

  • Differentiation of sensitive outputs from testing and production systems.

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