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Use SAP for overall management of material flow.

Solution for complex management of internal logistics within the SAP ERP system, from material or goods receipt to shipment.

What SappyWMS can do

Management of material flows within SAP ERP

It records all logistical movements in real time within the SAP ERP information system without any necessary interface to an external WMS system. It integrates naturally to other system parts, like book keeping of stock, data for production planning and purchase. It supports shipment, integration to business partners (EDI communication), and reporting.

Support of automation of warehouse operations

It uses technologies like Pick by Voice, Pick by Light, RFID, stacker systems, automated handling equipment and others.

Flexible architecture of solution

It enables quick and easy implementation in various branches (automotive, tailor made production, distribution, logistics). New features and new processes are, in their major portion, a question of configuration, not of a complete development.

Wide range of variants

It ensures individual key processes of internal logistics ranging from various types of material receipt, to support of numerous strategies for material putting into warehouse, and diverse options of material replenishment according to the production nature.

Properties and features

  • By tracing unique handling units (HUM - Handling Units Management) it registers detailed movements of stock items and creates a digital picture of warehouse in real time. Logistical processes can be monitored online and the feedback can be followed.

  • It connects to production register and quality management. It follows logouts, performance, and automation. It works with the MES system, holds and releases by quality, and connects to the QMS system.
  • It supports pull principles in warehouse (kanban) and at the same time it enables dispatcher control of warehouse operations, both manual and automatic.
  • It ensures cyclic and regular stocktaking of warehoused products, and printing of stocktaking
  • It observes FIFO and FEFO rules, it works with lots.
  • It provides clear backward and forward traceability.
  • It connects to the SAP standard reporting tools. There are ready reports with modification options available.

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