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WIP Inventory Tracking and Traceability

You’re frustrated by how much of your inventory is in WIP. You can’t tell for certain if you’ll finish products on time. You’d like to know the completion status for individual operations. Your employees often waste time finding materials, parts and workpieces. Your customers want detailed traceability from you. You need to reduce labour intensity and increase outputs, because you can’t find new people and thus have to make do with your current workforce. You can’t rely 100% on the WIP statuses on your computers.

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We’ll watch your production with a keen eye. You’ll have an overview of where all your materials and parts in manufacturing are currently located. You’ll see up-to-the-second order completion statuses. You and your workers can check your phones or PCs to see if your production is running on time. A detailed register of inventory movements and materials and parts consumption provides you a precise foundation for forward and backward traceability. All the information in the computer is current and correct.

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What makes Aimtec better

A digital image of the real state of production

The digital image of the state of work in progress matches reality. Only with the latest data, reliable data, can you find the reserves in your manufacturing’s efficiency and logistics.

Traceability made easy – and reliable

We supply a solution that meets your customers’ requirements and makes your work quicker and simpler.

Monitoring for batches and manipulation units

You can see every crate, box and manipulation unit on your PC. Even up in your office, you have a perfect view of your production line.

Simple controls

Simplicity for the average operator or worker is a key feature of our solution. Your team is there to produce and create, not to register and enter data. We believe that only simple things can work perfectly.

A logical, simple environment

Using the Configurator, we set up every process to precisely match reality. Every plant, every site has its specifics. We know how to secure them to prevent user mistakes.

Advantages and benefits

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