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SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Integration Services

Be always up-to- date. Use on-premise and cloud.

The SAP company developed an integration platform called SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI), which enables customers to integrate on-premise systems with systems in cloud easily and quickly. The platform is provided in a form of service.

What SAP HANA Cloud Integration can

Secure communication with SAP ERP

Security is ensured by the SAP Cloud Connector tool, you do not need to set firewall in your internal network.

Preset integration packages

We have ready integration processes for SAP systems (SAP ERP, SAP ECM, SAP BW, SuccessFactors etc.).

Compatibility with SAP XI/PI/PO

Use objects as structure definitions or mapping from PI/PO and in CPI.

Minimum starting investment

Pay for the service on a pay-as- you-go basis without any need to invest into infrastructure and licenses.

Properties and features

  • The entire infrastructure is operated by the SAP company on its own servers.

  • Secured communication with customers and partners.

  • Data synchronization, central control and coordination of processes between cloud and on- premise solutions.

  • Simple data processing in real time (Process Integration).

  • Batch processing of large amount of data among systems (Data Integration).

  • Central summary of interconnection of systems within a single platform.

  • Synchronization of structured data for IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

  • API management for data sharing with customers, partners, and systems.

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